Plasma is a state of matter. To be more exact, plasma is an ionized gaseous state, which is commonly seen in an electrical arc. Plasma is the main energy medium used to channel power to systems via EPS conduits in almost all starships. A plasma relay technician is responsible for rerouting plasma to systems they are not currently allocated to.

In physics, studies of plasma include plasma dynamics and plasma physics. Individuals who specialize in these fields, and more, include plasma specialists and EPS control specialists.

History and UseEdit

On Earth, plasma was first created in a controlled environment in the late 20th century with a prototype fusion reactor. However, duration of this stable state was short-lived at that technology level. In 2032, Lieutenant John Kelly's Ares IV command module was equipped with an ion distributor, a primitive form of an EPS conduit which could be adapted for use with the warp plasma from the Delta Flyer. Typically, warp drive capable civilizations use super-energized "electro-plasma" in their power transfer systems, EPS for short. The electro-plasma is used as both warp plasma for the engines and is also converted into standard electrical energy when fed off an EPS tap. Federation EPSs are designed around matter-antimatter reaction assemblies (usually warp cores) or fusion reactors (sometimes the impulse reactors). Besides the large warp plasma conduits, there are smaller plasma conduits, with EPS couplings that transfer power as electricity to all subsystems connected to the power transfer grid. If a plasma conduit or EPS tap becomes ruptured, the contents could set off a plasma fire.

In 2151, Enterprise NX-01 was hit in the port nacelle by an unidentified alien vessel and lost drive plasma.

In 2368, the crew of the USS Enterprise-D managed to turn dust particles in the atmosphere of Penthara IV into plasma by means of a phaser beam and electrostatic energy.


Matter in the plasma phase can reach temperatures of over three million Kelvin and cannot be contained in conventional containers; instead, it has to be contained using magnetic force fields such as those in a plasma canister or plasma infuser, and transferred through plasma conduits such as the EPS conduits found in a starship or outpost's power transfer grid. Plasma may be stored in plasma canisters or plasma infusers for mobile use, and is used in plasma torches and plasma weapons (such as plasma charges, plasma waves, plasma rifles and plasma torpedoes). It may also be found naturally occurring, such as the energetic anomalies found in plasma storms and plasma fields. The Badlands are one such example of both anomalies.